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The Transformation Game is a board game where each player follows their own, personal life path. All of the events that you encounter on your path, including birth, insights, setbacks and miracles will offer information in relation to your own personal Playing Focus.

You will develop your Playing Focus based on what is asking for your attention in your life at the time you play the Game. You will also receive supportive feedback from your co-players and the Game Facilitator.

The Game will mirror to your life back to you.

Every situation in the game is a opportunity for deep understanding and creative change. During the course of the Game you may experience miracles and have opportunities to use your intuition as well as receive universal feedback.


You play the Game individually while at the same time being part of a group of co-players. Every event touches the lives of every player and in doing so connects the players with each other.

Up to four players are guided through the Game by a Game Facilitator. This small group setting fosters communication, cooperation and the building of trust in an intense and inspiring environment. Getting to know your co-players on a deeper level is yet another benefit of the Game.




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