The Transformation Game was developed at the Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community, workshop center and eco-village located in the north of Scotland.
The Findhorn Foundation and surrounding community have changed and grown continuously in the almost 50 years since their beginnings, attempting always to create and maintain a conscious, sustainable and co-creative existence while dealing individually and as a collective with the challenges of communal living.
Due to the intensity of community life each individual experiences their own transformation processes in an amplified, accelerated and concentrated way. The Transformation Game embodies this dynamic. It shines a bright light onto our thinking and behavior patterns, offers surprising insights, opens up new pathways and supports change and transformation on a deep level.


Joy Drake, one of the co-founders of the Transformation Game and InnerLinks, says:
"I wanted to find a way to communicate the Findhorn experieence to other people without the need for them to be present in the community for many years."


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Key issues of your life are used throughout the Game to assist you in your inner growth and development.